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The Art: Q & A

What styles of art does John draw his inspiration from?

He is influenced by aboriginal art and contemporary artists

from 1950's to today. 

What is John's art all about and why is he so passionate about it?

His passion for this creative process extends beyond the current works he creates. He is driven to create works of art, whether in his wood shop, turning pens, making boxes, or something that allows his creative juices to expose themselves to others as in his 

3-dimensionsl sculpted canvas art. 

What is the process for building the frames behind the canvas?

John builds plywood shaped frames, reducing the weight by removing nonstructural areas. He installs braces to create the three-dimensional form once stretched. He overlays raw canvas atop the frame. The canvas is soaked in hot water to soften it which results in an easier, more malleable finish with softer

finished sculptured surface.

What is the technique used to prepare the canvas?

Once stretched and dried the canvas is glaze-coated with either a gesso or flat vinyl paint. After multiple coats and sanded, the result is a smooth, clean surface that is ready for the

painting process to emerge. 

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